The New York Times’ “Renegade Cybergeeks”

picture-13Having already established the The New York Times is death-bound if they don’t make some wholesale changes in their strategy, let’s take a look at the ways in which The Times is changing its ways. NY Mag gives the brunt of the credit to a group of “renegade cybergeeks” and, reading about this web-savvy, bespecktacled group, it’s difficult to disagree.

The Times used to house its tech nerds in a building blocks away from their main headquarters, stashing them there as testament to their status as necessary afterthoughts. Not so much anymore.

Now they’ve got glass-walled conference rooms in the paper’s main building, access to major meetings, and a lot of front-of-site space. This is more than an exciting sign of new media embrace. By giving this power and attention to the web boys, old school papers like The Times may very well be able to maintain their supremacy and authority even once their print editions are a thing of the past.

Anyone can blog and, soon, everyone will be able to post e-news. But true online innovation remains something of a commodity and The Times is at least attempting to tap into it.


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