“If Bloggers Had No Ethics Blogging Would Have Failed, But It Didn’t.”

picture-12Barely two years ago, everyone from Nicholas Lehmann, to Vincent Maher, was criticizing the practice of citizen journalism. (Lehman here).

The thing is, the blogosphere and the citizen journalism so inherent in its survival is not nearly so useless and unprincipled as old journalism zealots would have us believe. “The pros may be in a better position to excel at those practices but they do not “own” them,” writes Jay Rosen on his blog, Press Think.

The argument that citizen journalists are useless and without news ethics sounds ridiculous in a world where a couple hundred million blogs claim a collective couple billion readers a day. If blogs and citizen journalism were a product with no interested consumers, they would be dying off, not multiplying exponentially year by year.

Yes, a huge number of these sites take a personal track, but there are also those maintained, for example, by blast survivors in Mumbai who Flickr-ed, twittered and blogged in info (like pic. above) about the 60 hours of mayhem that comes with terrorist attacks. Similarly useful to the public were Twitter pic posts of a certain Hudson-drifting American Airlines plane were posted mere minutes after it went down.

So you tell me: is there really no merit to be found in citizen journalism?


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