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HuffPost “Citizen Journalism Standards” Yawn Worthy

1701596155_878c369cbdThe Huffington Post is just decided to dedicate $1.75million to investigative reporting. They’re not quite sure exactly where they’ll spend it yet, or on whom, but say it’s definitely happening. In preparation for this little experiment and in the wake of the successes (and a few failures) of HuffPost’s Off The Bus project, the site just released it’s list of Citizen Journalism Publishing Standards.

I’m excited about what they’re doing with their investigative reporting project, but mother of god, the most common sense, boring list ever. Honestly, it almost makes me question citizen journalism in general the the HuffPost expects to be receiving posts from people who don’t even understand that web content should include links and may be edited by, well, editors. Is this just the HuffPost assuming we’re idiots or are wannabe journalists actually dumb enough to need these reminders?

Photo: Flickr CC