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See.Click.Fix the Problem

picture-13After three days and five different screencasting services, I have finally found one that is both free and works reasonably well. Only drawback is that the video won’t embed on WordPress without some plug in action that I have yet to install. So click here to check it out.

The site is called See.Click. Fix and it functions much like a digital version of reporting something through 311 (non-emergency problems). With this site though, previously reported issues are visible and you can add to them, track their progress, and know that they haven’t been entirely lost.

I’m not sure how much it will do in New York where the problems reported aren’t so numerous and the bureaucracy is enormous, but the site’s already had some success in terms of smaller towns subscribing and legitimately using the site to monitor public space problems. Anyway, here’s to hoping that my bitching about blocked bike lanes will do something…