NYT Citizen Journalism Experiment Day 1: Lame

picture-2I was looking forward to the debut of The Local, The New York Times‘s little experiment in citizen journalism. I figured it would be an opportunity to stick it to the man a little, prove that fairly normal, journalistically inclined folk are also capable of beat covering.

It went live today and mother of god I could not care less about any of the crap they posted. One look at a video of kids sledding interspersed with “adorable” little kiddie interviews was enough to make me lose almost all of my optimism for the project. Here I was, all excited that The Times had condescended to mix with the unwashed masses of non-professional journalists, and it takes literally three minutes for me to question the value of the entire endeavor. Maybe normal people are just retarded, who knows?

Seeing as this is day one, I’m giving them a very generous two more weeks to suck less.


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