The Competitors


Currently at the WeMedia Game Changers conference in Miami. There are trees everywhere and I’m wearing a short sleeved shirt. So yeah, be jealous. Cody and I are presenting Locccal in the hopes of winning mad money ($25,000) for the project. That’s not util Thursday morning though, in the meantime, it’s a day of meetings, speeches and deciding which competitors are dangerous and need to be poisoned.

A couple of the ass holes (kidding! sort of.) who are trying to get between us and the cash have admittedly interesting projects pretty relevant to the whole Where Will the News Go From Here? debate. Mixed ink, a project by D.C. boys (and girl) Daniel Scanfeld, Vanessa Scanfeld and David Stern, is certainly the most interesting (read “threatening”) project. The site, two years into development, is a platform for collaboratibe writing. Unlimited participants can contribute their two cents and “weave their opinions and ideas into a single text.” They’ve tested the system in conjunction with Slate Magazine and the results were pretty legit. Damn it.


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