Sell Yourself in 90 Seconds

Check out the 90 second pitches by the WeMedia PitchIt! competitors, courtesy of I look kind of fat. Blame the camera.

My pitch (in text, couldn’t get the embedded video to work):
The biggest problem with mainstream media is a lack of connection between the reader and the news. You spend your life reading, touching the front page of a newspaper without ever really understanding why it looks that way, why that particular piece of information is there. At Locccal, we think that divide doesn’t need to exist. You live in your community and are perfectly positioned to report on what’s happening there. You may even have front page news. We focus on turning free contributions from any and every member of a given community into valuable property, and we do it in two ways.

First is accountability. If you’re contributing to Locccal, you have a verified full name. The name turns into a clickable archive of previous postings, encouraging the sort of consistency that’s rarely present in citizen journalism driven sites. As your reputation for good, original reporting and popularity of postings grow, part two comes into play: money. The better your reporting, the more popular your posts, the higher the percentage of ad revenue that you walk away with. This brings in talented, dedicated journalists as opposed to just community members who sort of, kind of want to participate in the news.

When it comes down to it though, Locccal is the answer to one very basic question: would you rather than 40 reporters covering your beat, or 4,000? If Arthur Miller is to believed and the ideal news organization reflects a nation talking to itself, then doesn’t 4,000 make a little more sense?


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