“How News Companies Can Change”

Is the title of the lecture I’m surrently sitting in on. Though I’m pretty sure they’d be selling the info for much more elsewhere if they knew specifics, the hope is that something novel will come of this. We shall see…

Good points:
-Just because a traditional media company partners with companies like Twitter and Facebook does not mean that they’re innovative. Unless you take the culled info and use it to effectively change your news organization, it’s just gimmicky.

-Targeted email newsletters are not necessarily dead/a thing of the past. If your topic is niche enough and your audience willing to comment on what’s included, they can be a legit means of spreading info about your site/news.

-“Despite all the fretting about where we’re going to get news, I really believe that news vacuums will be filled.” -Jan Schaffer of J-Lab

-News sharing becoming more prevalent. Quick way to save money, threatening for really branded companies, though.

David Bohrmann of CNN says novel debate coverage -Youtube involvement, and whatnot- was key to their election success. Didn’t quite seem like it at the time, was a response to co-worker saying “well, we’ve got to have new media something, don’t we?” Now though, makes so much sense. Okay, so it might be tangential, but can we please acknowledge that Google saved the day yet again?

-Awesome idea: pay citizen contributors for hits over time rather than hits per article. Change to tomorrow morning’s Locccal pitch…?


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