NYTimes’ “Article Skimmer” Ideal for ADD Nation

picture-11The New York Times has beta launched its creatively titled Article Skimmer, allowing “readers” to glance vaguely at Times content even less committedly than before!  The Neiman Journalism Lab spoke with Times software developer and Skimmer creator Andre Behrens about his new baby. Behrens justified the development of the software by saying, “the volume of content we produce is just tremendous, and it’s difficult to unearth those little gems that don’t necessarily make the front of the website.” Featuring lesser-seen content is an admirable pursuit, to be certain. But my prediction is that it’ll become a really awesome way for people looking for talking points to absorb the “news” (cough, headlines) without ever even having to click a section link to browse the headlines. An awesome way to be super efficient about bullshitting current events knowledge. Looking for a little cocktail conversation? Try it here.


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