What The Hell Just Happened?

Esquire’s first 2009 issue started with an article called “What the Hell Just Happened?” The whole thing was pretty good but the intro is particularly relevant to the lives we live online. This isn’t a “real post” but the issue’s still sitting next to my bed, I realized I haven’t blogged about it at all, and I decided to post it:

“There is this thing we do. It’s a small thing. It’s a formality, at worst an annoyance. We do it every time we buy a computer or a device requiring software. We do it when we download software online, and then when the software is updated… It is the act of everyone, and it involves everything. And what it is– what we do– is this: We agree. We agree to entrust and, if our trust is broken, to forgive. In what might be called the opposite of the moment of truth, we are given a choice, to accept or to decline, and we accept…Our virtual signatures are everywhere, and yet we lost rtack of them long ago and have no idea what liabilities they might entail– what we’ve given up and to whom we’ve given it.”


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