“Why Newspapers?” More Like “Why Are We Reading This?”

picture-2In a valiant attempt to defend the product of their labor, The Newspaper Association of America put together “Why Newspapers?” way back in 2007. Never mind that most of their numbers came from surveys and studies done in 2006 and earlier– the most out of date harkening all the way back to 2002– apparently that’s unimportant. We’re just looking for general trends, right?

Well, you won’t find them in that report. Part of the beauty of the internet is that it allows for almost endless archiving of information. So it would be silly and purpose defeating for organizations to remove out of date material from their websites. But we as consumers of this information need to be more thorough in determining what is applicable to today and what is not. To look at journalism-related numbers from three to seven years ago and hope to draw any parallel to current numbers is borderline ridiculous when you consider the industry-shaking changes that the medium has undergone in the last several months alone.


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